2010's Lodge Officers





The Master’s pin.


2010 Officers

Front Row, L – R: WB Bjorn Sundquist, PM, Trustee; Kevin Lopez, Chaplain; WB John Feustel, PM, Treasurer & Grand Organist; Scott Keiser, Junior Warden; MW Carl “Bud” Banks, Gran Master of Masons in Nevada; Arcangelo Cocco, Worshipful Master & Grand Trustee; WB Mike Clark, PM, Senior Warden & Grand Steward; WB Jack Richardson, PM, Master of Ceremony

Back Row, L – R: Charles Wirth, Senior Deacon; Brandon McCoy, Senior Steward; James T. Greely, PM, Secretary & Personal Representative to the Grand Master; Harold Scalzo, Master of Ceremony; Christopher Lee, Marshall; Kevin Cutsinger, Junior Deacon; Frank Joseph, Tyler

Not Pictured: WB Jeff Byrne, PM, Historian

feb 16 fc bWB Arcangelo Cocco had the pleasure of having his father visit him during his year as WM!

feb 16 fc hWe also did a courtesy degree for Hispanos Unidos #83 in Phoenix, AZ

Gene fabac jan 19 2010Brother Gene Fabac got a new apron from the Grand Master, WB Carl “Bud” Banks…

pha6We also had the honor of having our Brothers from Phillip E. Bell, PHA, visit us…

phillip bell eSo we returned the favor!







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